To help and inspire people

GUMP, aka "The Myth of America", is a SocialFi project inspired by the movie Forrest Gump and the idea of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). $GUMP is the reward token that circulates among our members. And our DAO will continue to donate tokens to the people in need. Regardless of the amount, any donation is a gift of hope and goodwill.

Contract: 0x447088Ca6F0f826C8Db4b0DAAEbfB4119BcDb368


How to Get Rewards

The secret to having the token price soared is to keep the tokens in circulation. Higher the price, the more effective our donations are.

Donate as you Buy

When a $GUMP swap occurs on Uniswap, a small amount of $GUMP goes to the treasury of DAO pending to be donated to those in need.

Provide Liquidity

The best practice for holding $GUMP is to put them into the Uniswap V2 liquidity pool. Whenever people buy or transfer $GUMP, liquidity providers get rewarded with a portion of it.

Give Away

Not only it is a way of showing goodwill by giving others $GUMP. A referral link is automatically created between you and the receiver, you will be rewarded whenever they circulate $GUMP.


Donations & Concerns

Life is like a box of chocolates.
You never know what you're going to get.


Pay a tithe when buying or transferring $GUMP.

One-tenth of the tithe will go into the treasury of DAO for donation purposes. Another 10% of the tithe will be burned to ensure the deflation of $GUMP. Up to 70% of the tithe will be immediately rewarded to $GUMP referrers. The rest will be pooled to reward the market liquidity providers.

tithing demonstration


$GUMP is an ERC-20 token with a total supply of 720 billion. All the tokens minted has been in circulation from day one, and the smart contract is open source and verified.

95% Uniswap Liquidity

5% Airdrop to $PEOPLE holders

The Timeline

Miracles happen every day.

December, 2021

Some members of ConstitutionDAO from all over the world organized this project spontaneously. And a giveaway compaign, One for 100 Million, was launched to express the kindness and blessings by distributing $GUMP.

Feb 28, 2022

$GUMP was reissued due to the smart contract was upgraded and rewritten. The autonomous and economic models are directly specified in this innovative and complex smart contract, which has become a new paradigm in the field of DAOs.

Mar 26, 2022

The project was officially renamed GumpDAO, and began to practise seriously in the form of DAO. The original domain getagump.org would be gradually deprecated.

April, 2022

The first donation was to the ConstitutionDAO as a thank-you for inspiring autonomous societies. The project began to accept the votes and supervision of token holders, and continued to donate to people and organizations in need.


Frequently Asked Questions

No tithing when you sell $GUMP or provide liquidity.
The top 50 who contribute the most liquidity to $GUMP's liquidity pool and actively promote the project, will become our Global Evangelists. They will be exempt from tithing in all kinds of transactions and play a more important role in the DAO.

The rules of token circulation are written in smart contract, and the smart contract is completely open source. There is no proxy contract in the middle. Tokens can only be obtained in airdrops and trading platform initially, and all transfers are also traceable. Majority of the liquidity provided by DAO is locked.

When the liquidity is not good enough, the slippage should be manually set to around 12% before trading.

If you provide liquidity on Uniswap V2, but do not receive dividends, there are two tips.
First, after providing liquidity, you need to additionally transfer some $GUMP (either as receiver or sender) so that the smart contract can recognize your LP tokens. Second, dividends will only be distributed along with someone's transfer of $GUMP, and be distributed to two LPs in turn each time. So it may be your turn soon.

The ConstitutionDAO had created a historical moment in the Sotheby's auction in the United State of America on November 14th, 2021. The act represented people's will to support the decentralize autonomous, which also the first time, DAO made historical impacts and recognition by the public.
GumpDAO further advanced the will of DAOs by issuing $GUMP to support the idea of “everyone is builder and everyone is beneficiary”. That's why we chose to pair with $PEOPLE.

First of all, the gas fee for transactions in V2 is lower than in V3. Secondly, only the liquidity provided on V2 can be automatically manipulated by smart contracts and used to calculate dividends.

Transferring to an address that has never received $GUMP will create a new referral link. Suppose A is the referrer of B, B is the referrer of C, C is the referrer of D, and so on. When H buys 1000 $GUMP, then G will get 30, E and F will each get 10, and A, B, C, D will each get 5. Up to 7 tiers of referrers will benefit, no more.

Writing autonomous and economic models into the smart contract is experimental and groundbreaking. However, tokens may therefore only be suitable for circulation in a decentralized exchange environment. We have no plan to be listed on centralized exchanges yet.

When you hold a certain amount of $GUMP, you can directly initiate a proposal on the DAO page for everyone to vote on. Of course, we also welcome you to write to us via email or twitter directly.